Loft Conversions & Extension Specialists


February 8, 2017
Neighbours cannot stop you doing the conversion but can make you pay for their own surveyor. The party wall is owned by all those whose property is connected to it. Because you are planning to do a loft conversion, you have to inform the neighbour, who has a total time limit of eight weeks to...
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11Project Management
The project management is carefully organised with our team and is a system that we have worked and developed over the years. We don’t have lots of separate teams but one group that are centrally run and organised, so each conversion goes through the same system to ensure high standards and quality of service to...
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1110 year guarantee
We know that for most customers having a loft conversion or an extension is a major undertaking, as builders in general haven’t always had the best of reputations. We’ll aim to make sure that you will be happy at the end of the experience. The company was set up with a vision to work to...
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We have our own architect design team, which is this built into the price and service, this make things easier for you as the team have a great deal of experience and will be able to expertly guide you and design of the project and what is possible, plus we know all the rules and...
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11Planning Permission
Planning permission & dealing with the council You may well not need permission but, if you do, you should choose a company that’s experienced in working specifically with your councils. Planning sometimes required particularly if you have a flat or your property falls within a conservation area. We engage professional architects design team for all...
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11Flats and Conservation Areas Loft Conversions
If you live in a conservation area, the council may not allow you to have a large rear dormer, but they will let you have a mansard or a combination of Velux roof windows and small dormers. Here we will need to submit drawings for approval, so it pays to use a company that knows...
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11Aspinall Road Project
If you would like to see one of our previous conversions so that you can see what we can achieve this is always possible and we actually recommend it as it is a great way to get to know us and also to see how we got on with a previous customer. Also you will...
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