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How will the project be managed?

The project management is carefully organised with our team and is a system that we have worked and developed over the years.

We don’t have lots of separate teams but one group that are centrally run and organised, so each conversion goes through the same system to ensure high standards and quality of service to you.

You will have a project manager that will be your point of contact through the conversion and also other points of contact in the company while your loft is being converted.

Before the work starts you will be introduced to a project manager who will be your main point of contact through the project. He will ensure that project goes according to plan.

He will be available to discuss anything with you all through the project, remember we also have an central office with other back up people who will be able to discuss your needs. We are especially proud of the fact that, if you look on our testimonials page, you will see how often our managers are singled out by name by customers expressing their appreciation.


The tradesman that will build your conversion have worked with the company for many years, it’s a settled work force and each member has been tried and tested for their reliability and ability to do the work to a high standard. Also, because of the length of time that they have worked together, the teamwork between each of the trades is fantastic and second to none.

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Some reassuring facts

  • Most lofts are suitable, sometimes even with a low ridge
  • Planning permission isn’t always needed and we can start quickly without a waiting list
  • We will help and guide you with party wall agreements
  • There’s a 10-year guarantee
  • We don’t have lots of separate sub contracted teams
  • We have a centrally run project management system with many years of experience
  • We provide a single dedicated project manager, for the entire project
  • We work fast and the work wil be completed before you know it