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Will our loft be suitable? Low Headroom Problem!

Probably, and don’t necessarily accept it if another loft company says your ridge is too low – we may well have other solutions

If you’re in a street of similar houses and your neighbours have been converted you are probably not even looking at this page.

But if your home is not typical or neighbours with similar houses haven’t taken the plunge you may not be so sure. If you can stand up comfortably in your loft at its highest point you should be OK because the conversion can be done without raising the ridge – but if you can’t all may not be lost.

Please do not assume that your local authority won’t allow you to raise the ridge. Some do, some don’t, and some even have different policies for different streets. And once again all is not lost because it is also often possible to lower the upstairs ceiling. So if another – less experienced – loft company has told you that there’s not enough room for a loft extension, please still give us a call.

We have been building lofts in London for many years and know what each authority will accept, what options are available, and how to present your drawings to specific planning departments with the best chance of acceptance.

Raising ridges or lowering ceilings

A low-rise loft need NOT be an end to your plans. Even if you’ve found that you can’t stand up in your loft or been told by a less experienced loft company that your property isn’t suitable for conversion, we’d still welcome your enquiry.

The fact is that some councils will give permission for you to raise the ridge of your roof under certain circumstances, but it is important to consult experts who know what each council will accept and how it should be approached.

And even if this solution isn’t feasible, we can still lower an existing internal ceiling to gain the extra headroom required for the new lofts rooms.

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Some reassuring facts

  • Most lofts are suitable, sometimes even with a low ridge
  • Planning permission isn’t always needed and we can start quickly without a waiting list
  • We will help and guide you with party wall agreements
  • There’s a 10-year guarantee
  • We don’t have lots of separate sub contracted teams
  • We have a centrally run project management system with many years of experience
  • We provide a single dedicated project manager, for the entire project
  • We work fast and the work wil be completed before you know it