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How long? What’s the process?

It’s usually a good idea to have a starting date in mind that we can work towards and, because we don’t have a waiting list as such, we will usually be able to accommodate you. Here’s how it goes.


If you are keen to get moving with the project the first thing we do is get our architect to contact you to arrange a visit to get the survey done in preparation of drawing up your new plans. These will be done and sent to you in about 7 days.


All that is required for this process at this stage is a £1,200 part payment deposit.
This is all you will pay until we start the work.


Prior to starting the work we will get a stage payment contract completed with you. Once this has been done then we can get started with the conversion.

The lead in time to start a conversion that requires planning permission, (Generally Flats and conservation areas). From 8-12 weeks (Planning permission takes eight weeks).

The lead in time to start a conversion without planning, via permitted development, (Generally Houses). From 2-4 weeks.

Towards a timetable

Step by step


The first thing we do after you have called us is to pop over to your house and talk to you about your loft and find out your requirements.


After this we send you very quickly a free no obligation quote, normally via email.


Once you’ve had time to digest everything and you’re ready to get going we will send out our architect to measure up and get some plans and structural calculations done. These are then submitted to Building control and we will have approval in 2 days.


Next is a start date we agree with you and we look to get the scaffolding put up in anticipation of starting the conversion.


Material delivery and work starts, week 1.


Floor structure is installed and extensions are built in the first week.


The staircase is ordered and fitting is normally in week 2 of the project.


First fix plumbing and electrics are done week 2, to your specification.


All windows are supplied and installed week 2-3


Insulation and plastering is done normally by week 3-4


Second fix plumbing, electrics and carpentry are done week 4-5


Roofing work is usually completed in week 5


Decoration of the loft and tiling in the shower room can be started now.


Final touches and completion of work weeks 6-8 and sometimes 9-10 depending on the size of the conversion.


Final sign off with building control.

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Some reassuring facts

  • Most lofts are suitable, sometimes even with a low ridge
  • Planning permission isn’t always needed and we can start quickly without a waiting list
  • We will help and guide you with party wall agreements
  • There’s a 10-year guarantee
  • We don’t have lots of separate sub contracted teams
  • We have a centrally run project management system with many years of experience
  • We provide a single dedicated project manager, for the entire project
  • We work fast and the work wil be completed before you know it